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Comparison of Premium Packages in DirecTV and Dish Network

DirecTV and Dish Network are the satellite TV service providers in US. They are providing huge number of channels in their programming packages. Premium package is one of the programming package provided by both these networks.

Premium package has abundant of movie channels, sports channels, adult programming channels etc. This package is packed with fantastic entertaining programs and it suits to the taste of all age group people. These two Satellite TV providers are highly reliable for subscribing this Premium package.

In fact, when considering the number of channels as well as price of this Premium package you may have a great dilemma whether to go for DirecTV or Dish Network for subscribing this package. This article clears your dilemma by comparing Premium package in of both these providers in terms of its prices and channels.

BabyFirstTVTM Premium package BabyFirstTVTM is a one channel pack present in the Premium package. It is the first Network dedicated to babies in the entire U.S. It provides babies or toddlers with strongly supported by various child experts. It delivers programs with enriching content useful for children from 6 months to 3 years of age. Through this parents are able to know about the upbringing, growth, diet, health and other things of their babies.

DirecTV delivers BabyFirstTVTM programs round the clock. The regular price for this channel is $4.99 per month. BabyFirstTVTM is delivered under the channel number 293 in DirecTV. Dish Network delivers BabyFirstTVTM channel programs round the clock. The regular price for this channel is $4.99 per month. BabyFirstTVTM is delivered under the channel number 126 and comes under the Other Programming Package. When comparing this channel in DirecTV and Dish Network both are providing this channel with similar characteristic and price.

Showtime Unlimited Premium Package Showtime Unlimited Premium Package is a package filled with amazing videos. Subscribers can experience a whole bunch of hit Hollywood movies, along with leading boxing championship matches and mixed martial arts. This package also delivers live concerts and comedy shows.

DirecTV provides 9 SHOWTIME UNLIMITED channels. They are providing HD versions for 6 out of this 9 channels. In other words they are providing 9 channel in SD and 6 channels in HD. The regular price for this package is $12.99 per month. SHOWTIME UNLIMITED is delivered under the channel numbers of 537-540,542-545,547,549.

Dish Network provides 10 SHOWTIME UNLIMITED channels in SD. They are also providing HD versions for 4 channels out of this 10 SHOWTIME UNLIMITED channels. In other words, they are providing 10 channels in SD and 6 in HD. The regular price for this package is $12.99 per month.

When comparing this channel package in number of channel basis, DirecTV provides 9 channels whereas Dish Network provides 10. If you need more number of channels, subscribe Dish network that provides one channel extra than DirecTV. When comparing this channel package in HD versions, DirecTV provides 6 channels in HD whereas Dish Network provides 4 channels in HD. If you need to watch more number of HD channels, subscribe DirecTV.

Starz Premium package Starz Premium package can be termed as a bombshell of movies carrying within it uncountable movies of different types. Subscriber can enjoy over 450 different movies. It is also a complete family pack with edgy indie flicks, family drama and comedy shows.

DirecTV provides 14 starz channels. They are also providing HD version for 5 channels out of this 14 channels. The regular price for this channel package is $12.99 per month. It is delivered under the channel numbers of 518-523, 526-533.

Dish Network provides 14 Starz channels. They are also providing HD versions for 6 channels out of this 14 channels. The regular price for this package is $12.99 per month.

When comparing this package on number of channel basis, Both networks are providing similar number of channels. When comparing this channel in HD versions, DirecTV provides 5 channels in HD whereas Dish Network provides 6 in HD. If you need to watch more number of HD channels, subscribe Dish Network. Cinemax Premium Package Cinemax Premium package provides variety of movies. It provides the latest Hollywood movies, top box office releases and even foreign movies. People can get ultimate movie experience by subscribing this channel package.

Cinemax Premium package in DirecTV DirecTV provides 3 cinemax channels. They are also providing HD versions for 2 channels out of this 3 channels. The regular price for this package is $12.99 per month.

Dish Network provides 5 cinemax channels. The regular price for this package is $12.99 per month.It is delivered under channel numbers of 310 -314. When comparing this package in number of channel basis, DirecTV provides 3 channels whereas Dish Network provides 5 channels. If you need to watch more number of channels, subscribe Dish Network. When comparing this package in HD versions,DirecTV provides 2 channels in HD whereas Dish Network provides none. If you need to watch more number of HD channels, subscribe DirecTV.

Adult programming package in DirecTV This package is strictly meant for the adult viewers including various adult programs like adult TV shows and adult movies etc. This package consist of two sub packages: Playboy TV and Club Erotix. Both these sub packages are x service. The regular price for this package is $12.99 per month but one can subscribe the Playboy TV pack alone on 4 hourly basis. The cost would then be $9.99 per 4 hours.

Adult subscription channels package in Dish Network Dish Network provides a lot of adult channels to their subscribers. This package comes under the Other Programming Package.This package is termed as a la carte service that can be added to other programming packages. The adult channels and their prices are enlisted:

1. Playboy TV: $15.99/month and $8.99/4 hour
2. Clubjena: $24.99/month and $274.89/annum
3. SPICE:XCESS: $29.99/month and $329.89/annum
4. XTSY: $29.99/month and $329.89/annum
5. REAL: 24.99/month and $10.99/ninety minutes
6. Penthouse: $24.99/month and $274.89/annum
7. Shorteez: $24.99/month and $274.89/annum
8. Fresh: $29.99/month and $329.89/annum
9. Penthouse TV/XTSY: $29.99/month and $439.89/annum
10. SPICE:XCESS/shorteez: $39.99/month and $439.89/annum

When comparing this package(adult entertainment) on number of channel basis, Dish network provides huge number of channels whereas DirecTV provides less number of channels. If you need to watch more number of channels, subscribe Dish Network. If you need watch less number of channels at a lower price, subscribe DirecTV.

HBO Premium package

HBO Premium package is the most popular channel's package in the entire U.S. It is the leading channel delivering exclusive and amazing movies, award winning movies, the famous Hollywood blockbusters and unique sport events.

DirecTV provides 9 HBO channels with the inclusion of 2 HD channels. The regular price for this package is $14.99 per month. HBO is delivered under the channel numbers of 501-505,507,508 HBO in Dish Network Dish Network provides 8 HBO channels both in SD and HD. The regular price of this package is $15.99 per month.

When comparing this package in channel wise, DirecTV provides 9 channels whereas Dish Network provides 8 channels in SD and HD. If you need more number of channels, subscribe DirecTV that gives one channel extra than Dish Network. If you need to watch all HBO channels in HD, subscribe Dish Network that provides all its 8 channels in SD as well as in HD.

When comparing HBO in prices, DirecTV provides package in $14.99 per month whereas Dish Network provides this package for $15.99 per month. DirecTV is Slightly cheaper than Dish Network. If you need to watch this package with low price, subscribe DirecTV.

2 more extra Premium package in Dish Network There are 2 more Premium package in Dish Network. They are Other Programming Package,Video on Demand(VOD) package. Two packages are explained below concisely.

Other Programming package in Dish Network This package is termed as a la carte service that can be added to other programming packages. Apart from Adult subscription channels and BabyFirstTV, Short description of Outdoor channels, Bloomerg Television, Veria, RFD-TV are enlisted below:

* Outdoor Channel: Outdoor channel is delivered under the channel number 153. It features outdoor programmings viz. hunting, fishing, shooting etc that also educates and inspires people of possible outdoor haunting areas along with entertainment. The regular price for this channel is $1.99 per month.

* Bloomberg Television:Bloomberg Television is delivered under the channel number 203. This channel can be termed as the personalized financial news channel that captures 24-hour money news, overnight status of foreign markets along with overall weekend financial updates. The regular price of this channel is $1.50 per month.

* Veria:Veria channel provides healthy living programs. The programs also emphasizes on the importance of nature and on peoples' need to protect it. The subscribers are also able to watch a classic comedy film every evening. The regular price for this package is $2.99 per month.

* RFD-TV: RFD-TV channel is delivered under the channel number 231. The regular price for this channel is$1.99 per month. This channel mainly features rural America. It delivers various programming consist of rural news, agricultural features, horse training and other informational programs.

Video on demand package(VOD)

Video on demand is a pay per view package and subscribers need to pay $5.99 per movie. 3 more extra Premium packages in DirecTV There are 3 more packages in DirecTV. They are GAME LOUNGE, DIRECTV HD EXTRA PACK, SPORTS PACK. These three packages are given below briefly.


GAME LOUNGE channel brings subscribers innumerable number of games. Through it one can turn one's TV room into a game room. It delivers over 60 games. The regular price for this package is $5.99 per month.

DIRECTV HD EXTRA PACK This package includes special group of channels delivered solely in HD. Subscribers can deepen their HD experience by subscribing this channel package. These channels are available only in DirecTV's HD Extra pack. There are totally 6 channels in this package. The regular price for this package is $4.99 per month.


DIRECTV provides unique sports programming leaving the subscriber fully satisfied. This package delivers over 35 sports channels that includes NBA TV, CBS College Sports, Fox Soccer, GolTV, MSG, YES Network, The MTN and many more. The regular price for this package is $12.99 per month.

While comparing these packages from DirecTV and Dish Network, both these Satellite TV network providing different variety of channels. If you need to play games, more channels in HD or to watch sports, subscribe DirecTV. If you need to watch more number of channels in x service, subscribe Dish Network that provides huge number of adult channels. If you need to watch hunting, fishing, horse training and health care programs, subscribe Dish Network which provides these types of programs crisply.

Hollywood - Martial Arts - And The World Of Hip Hop

Now brewing beer for almost 250 years and served in some 150 countries, Guinness Stout was founded as a family-owned brewery in Dublin, Ireland by Arthur Guinness. Not only is Guinness a top beverage in its own country, but even down in Jamaica the dreads swear by it, serve it up, and sip it down; ice cold, or at room temperature. Lots of big business has come out of 'Sir Arthur's' product, which is known the world over, and spreading...

Truthfully, many affiliations between big business and the music industry have netted fruitful endeavors for all parties involved. And now, a university-level homework assignment: see if you can use a keen eye to find a few more examples of relationships between big business, government, or social organizations with the Rap community. Chances are, there's probably some right around you; you may not have even been aware of them before. Hint: Take a good look at those motion pictures hitting the big screen. Here's an interesting scenario for you to sink your teeth into...action!

Celebrity Will Smith laughed his way straight to the bank when many Rap fans wrote "DJ Jazzy Jeff and The Fresh Prince" off as lame. But before 'the show' was over, Smith got the starring role on TV sitcom "The Fresh Prince of Bel Air," which debuted in 1990. The show had a long successful run, and continues running in syndication. Will Smith 'the rapper' performed the theme song, while Will Smith 'the actor' made sure his Rap music homey Jazzy Jeff was also cast in some shows; but Mr. Smith did not stop there. He went on to star in movies which earned him as much as $10 million a pop. There is no need to mention his list of credits; just go to Blockbuster Video or the Internet and type in the 'search.'

Finding a need to outdo 'himself,' Smith's fee went from $10 million to 20 big ones, then from 20 large to $25 million per, before he dived into the big 'M' and 'super-sized' his life by marrying Jada Pinkett. She paved her own way as an impressive actress on shows like "A Different World," "The Cosby Show," and in blockbuster films such as "Ali," "Jason's Lyric," "Menace To Society," "Woo," "Set It Off," the "Matrix" spinoffs, "The Nutty Professor," "Scream 2," "Collateral," and who knows what else by now. I heard a rumor that the pair might have to buy a continent to use as a tax shelter. Wow - that's big enough to get on the Oprah list! Combined, Will Smith and Jada Pinkett-Smith account for about two dozen top films of the 20th and now, 21st centuries. And these films usually came with hot music soundtracks, too. This is another example of the deepening relationship between Hollywood and the Rap/Hip-Hop world. For the purpose of fun, let's call their happy union "Holly-hood." Watch out--more fun's on the way!

But hold up and wait a minute: before we dig in any further, let's pull over at a local Asian restaurant for some grub--we'll need it for our next stop. My fingers tingle from all this typing action on the laptop, sitting here in the 'time out' corner of the classroom. Where's my Dragon voice recognition program when I need it? At home parked on the desktop computer - what a bummer!

Please note that things have changed with regards to technology, folks. Not only does my voice recognition program type as I talk into a microphone, it'll read it back to me, too. When my editorial consultant Ms. Melilli (also known as the infamous 'XoxoJean') sends e-mails to a friend with a text recognition program, it recognizes her name by saying "Socks-a-Jean." I'm just happy she likes my smoked turkeys. According to information obtained from my old friend B.Brown of Bar-Red Entertainment, my confidential Author Code Name is: 'Turkey Smoker of the Stars.' His mother Ms. Lydia works for the Atlanta Convention & Visitor's Bureau. Both she and Miss Jean can keep getting the big birds too, as long as their taste buds approve of the transaction.

Data: A new development has just occurred. I heard a growl; my tummy's empty from tapping into extra neurological cells to use a special, limited resource: my natural 'superior intellect.' I guess I owe my nephew Dez a fortune for this term--his invoice may be the death of me yet!

So what's your taste buds say? Anyone that knows me will tell you I get a little grumpy when I'm hungry. Chinese, Cantonese, Japanese, Korean, Mongolian, Thai, Vietnamese; whatever you want--it'll be on me. Plus, we're about to run into a whole bunch of people, and some of them may be hungry too. I'm not feeling like sharing plates today though, hence I'm buying with my per diem money. So go ahead and keep your 'cream' (dolla-dolla bills) in your pockets.

According to our itinerary, one colorful group that is listed as being capable of running circles around the proverbial 'viper's pit' has the letters "WTC" engraved in the minds of its constituents. This could mean trouble, 'cause the paperwork says they're some kinda 'clan.' But as long as there's no "K" up in the mix, I'm good. I wonder if they look alike; you know what some people can say without meeting someone first. Maybe we can all blend in and "just get along" if we're eating some food representing the region. We'll be having hot, buttered popcorn for desert, though. (You may see where I'm going with this in a minute - I'll remind you.) Both Asia and the Far East are known for their delectable dishes and many forms of cultural stimuli. On our next stop, you'll see that cultures from the Pacific Rim have plenty of interesting offerings with regards to the consumable entertainment they produce, too.

Similar to us westerners, Asian food and entertainment go well together, just like popcorn and movies. One American network calls it "Dinner And A Movie." Lots of popular flicks include what are known as 'action movies.' Many film buffs enjoy action movies about world destruction, extra-terrestrial invasions, espionage, crooked government officials, dirty cops, gun-slinging cliques, posses, gangsters and the mafia; in short, these subjects and characters make up good thematic content for stories about extinction-level events and the underworld. Film buffs take to action films that come loaded with explosions, chase scenes, aerial shots, fight sequences, hand-to-hand-combat, and cutting-edge weapons. I know I do. Speaking of cutting-edge weapons, New York's Wu Tang Clan uses one as a logo. What appears to be a rounded, sharply bladed, boomerang/disk is actually the "W" in Wu Tang. From looking at the weapon however, I don't think I'd be likely to wake up some morning with a notion of getting cut by one of those things. Ever.

There are those 'action movie heads' who would agree that some pretty exciting films feature martial arts. Back in the 70s, we called them "Kung Fu movies." After Carl Carlton busted out with the hit song "Kung Fu Fighting," I built myself a pair of chuck sticks. But after a few displaced pops to the back of the head, I retired them. Alas, my dreams of becoming a 'Samurai Ninja Martial Arts Fighter' were shattered; but that was better than having a self-inflicted busted cranium. I went on to other things; mainly, watching martial arts movies. By the way, that minute's 'bout up. If you know the deal, you can keep on reading. If you don't know, you might want to ask somebody, get a map, or keep on reading, too. Whatever's clever!

It's no secret that cultures like the Chinese have been known for their long-standing empires. They also developed a highly disciplined way to defend their 'valuable assets' that were stored in huge, heavily protected fortresses. Martial arts gave fighters an opportunity to go mano-a-mano in sometimes brutal displays of precision and brute strength. This Spanish term is also known as hand-to-hand, head-to-head, one-on-one, and single combat.

Historic teachings show that great forces were often referred to as being god-like. Some were also referenced through vicious man-killing beasts such as lions, tigers and bears. Oh my--did you know that ancient Chinese dynasties developed many institutions or schools of thought and defense? Some were based on a mystical creature known as the dragon. One group that acknowledged "the way of the dragon" broke ground by doing it all. Setting up a great and powerful Hip-Hop dynasty along the way, they've been long known for their tight embrace on the discipline of building rock-solid empires. Pioneering Hip-Hop supergroup Wu Tang Clan has built upon their image of being an invincible clan of talented MCs and producers. Chief knob-twister RZA orchestrated the rise of an original, three-man group; an entire planetary movement followed.

Originally synergized through a nucleus composed of RZA, GZA and the late Ol' Dirty Bastard, the Wu Tang Clan produced sound recordings with themes based on Hong Kong's martial arts and Samurai movies. Along with references to the Five Percent Nation, strategic moves, chess and other thematic subject matter, the influence of ancient Chinese dynasties flowed through The Clan like a river.

Soon after the original members crunk up the machine, more warriors jumped on board. The Wu Tang Clan ended up with 9 MCS, to qualify for labeling as a Hip-Hop supergroup, just on G.P. (general principle). As a producer, RZA later got a bigger break by acting in, but more importantly, composing music for the soundtrack of Forrest Whitacker's "Ghost Dog: The Way Of The Samurai" and "Kill Bill, Volume 1." (I wonder if he can hook me up with Lucy Liu and her friend from the Crazy 88's.) These movies have some great on-location scenes, and the fighting sequences are just what the doctor ordered. To kick off 2007, Spike TV offered up some new programming content. On New Year's Eve, they unveiled "Afro Samurai," featuring Samuel L. Jackson as a 'superior fighting intellect.' The great and powerful RZA popped up once again, doing the music. This concoction totally made sense to me, by this point. If you haven't seen these visual elixirs yet, what are you waiting for, a prescription?

Originating in the Far East, martial arts flicks somehow found a home in the world of American Rap music. It's no doubt that Bruce Lee is the #1 martial artist to affect the 70s film world. Americans like Chuck "Walker, Texas Ranger" Norris, John Saxon, and Karate-chop brother Jim "Black Belt Jones" Kelly became martial arts film stars; even basketball legend Kareem Abdul-Jabbar got a piece of the action in Bruce Lee's personal project, "Game Of Death." When Lee got offered crazy money to star in the first Hollywood-backed martial arts film ("Enter The Dragon"), he did what any red-blooded entrepreneur would have done: he put the brakes on his project and began production on the new movie.

It became the biggest budget film in this genre's history, and featured a young Jackie Chan as a stuntman. Bruce Lee's untimely death, however, closed out an important chapter of martial art's epic rise to fame, but Rap artists like the Wu Tang Clan used samples from "Enter The Dragon" on their debut album, opening up a whole new episode. Both of Bruce Lee's final martial arts films went on to spread the word about this growing faction of the movie and music (more simply put: entertainment) industries. Rap artists listened and responded; they would 'holla back' in their own unique, urban way.

On TV, David Carradine starred in the long-running, "Kung Fu." From Belgium, Jean Claude Van Damme made his mark in 'the arts,' too. While Jackie Chan headed into a 'funny-bone' crushing direction with comedian Chris Tucker in "Rush Hour," Jet Li got serious with Aaliyah and DMX in "Romeo Must Die" (2000). Li also teamed up again with DMX in "Cradle to the Grave" (2003). A multi-dimensional Jet Li film called "The One" blended sci-fi with martial arts. This would not be the only flick with such a combustible mixture. There's a long-awaited 2007 film featuring Jet Li and Jackie Chan now being completed. All of these urban-based action movies featured lots of martial arts moves; more were on the way.

Send requests for the conclusion of this story to me anytime.

A valedictorian and contributing author to Bernard Percy's books during elementary school, L.A. finished high school in Brooklyn, then went to L.A.City College. He graduated in 1987 from Georgia State University in Atlanta. An internship led to 10 years with CBS Records/Sony Music, where L.A. worked with almost every act, implemented sales/marketing campaigns, received numerous gold/platinum albums, awards, and traveled throughout the U.S., Canada and Jamaica to events.

As a recording studio owner, AV technician and manager for a global audiovisual company (TAVS), L.A. owns MKM Multimedia Works. In 2001 he executive-produced the Million Mom March’s Atlanta Artists Against Gun Violence compilation CD, featuring top Atlanta acts. In 2002, L.A. secured a commercial with The GAP for Arrested Development’s Baba Oje. L.A. now initiates his ‘6 books in 5 years’ plan.

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A Case Study on Social Networking Website Development for Music, Arts, Dance and Entertainment

A public relations company in multiple sectors like entertainment, social activities and it enabled services wanted to develop a social media networking website. The company offered services to individuals as well as corporates. They have offices in major cities of Africa. The company was started by a group of four enterprising visionaries. They had a vision to build a platform for common folks and artists in Africa to come together and collaborate on music, art, dance, and entertainment.

Business Case for the website
Every African in some ways is connected to music, dance or art in his/her own way. They have a natural desire to showcase the artistic talent and stories to community members and the world at large. With easy access to Internet, they have found a new medium to share their entertainment content with the community. While there are several communication channels developed in other parts of the world, the African community needed a platform to showcase their talents in performing arts music, dance, painting etc. The PR company recognized this opportunity to develop a niche social networking website that leveraged the power of user generated media.

This website was distinctive over other Social networking websites due to its focus on media driven collaboration by users via music, videos, pictures and articles. The website also proposed to bring together celebrities like actors, singers, musicians, choreographers, entertainment writers, bloggers and journalists to shape the future of entertainment in Africa. This ambitious project also received encouragement from government levels.

Features in Social Networking Website
This social media networking website helped the African community express and connect with friends, relatives and colleagues through blogs, forums, chat, internal messaging and other communication tools.

The website has dedicated sections that offered quality information and entertaining news, reviews, interviews about the entertainment industry in Africa updated by the seasoned professionals.

Important features of the website are:

    Streaming Media
    Internal Messaging
    Friends - invite, groups
    User feedback - reviews, voting, like, bookmarking, favorites
    User Categories - The site administrator can monitor the user activity and based on member performance & categorize the member as regular user, writer or an artist.
    Artist Showcase - This section features artists from various walks of entertainment.
    The website is unique in a way that it offers a rich and intuitive interface to upload, share and review entertainment media - music, videos, articles, news and blogs.

Impact of Technology On The Field of Arts And Entertainment

Nearly everyone enjoys the different types of entertainment, and some people enjoy even more being entertainers. They want to become actors, comedians, dancers, singers. We used to go inside theatres after a hard day's work to relax and see our favorite plays. But only in the last hundred years have we been able to record sound and pictures and to broadcast them through air. These improvements have brought fun and entertainment to every corner of the world and into most of our homes.

Technology has indeed made it possible for us to see entertainment in a new light. For one, technology has made it also possible for us to store our memories. Actors and singers long dead seem to come to life again every time their films or records are played. We can store a seemingly countless number of these records and films in CDs, hard drives and other storing devices like our computer. This makes it possible for us to entertain ourselves almost anywhere- at home, at the office, at the park, the bus; as long as we bring our devices with us. One can actually live without TV these days as long as one has a computer device and internet connection.

The world of entertainment has grown tremendously, and it can teach us as well as entertain us. Today, broadcasting is the most important form of popular entertainment. But now it is challenged by still newer inventions. Video playback and recording equipments make it possible for home viewers to buy or record their favorite shows. Many classic movies are already available for home viewing. This new equipment may encourage many viewers to spend fewer hours watching network offerings of situation comedies and action dramas. And now, we can record, transfer, and produce our own videos using cellular phones.

At the same time, the internet has revolutionized viewing habits in another way. The internet provides information on a lot of sources for movies, music, and other forms of entertainment. With internet connection, people can bring programs directly into their computer by doing downloads and many of these downloads are offered for free. Not only does it provide entertainment but we can even do some transactions like when you want to buy stun guns online.

The internet offer entertainment on almost all particular interests- music, news, and special information such as stock markets, weather, and social networking. These sources are made available to us faster than ever, as fast as the stun gun effects.  We can update on news even before they get broadcasted on TV through the different websites on the internet.

Never in recorded history have Entertainment and arts been so important in the lives of so many people. Modern inventions such as the internet have put nearly every person within reach of music and drama all day, every day, at home, and away from home. The internet has also made it possible for people not just become viewers but also the performers themselves as they are able to upload their own videos on different sites. The future of entertainment and arts is taking shape through technology and the people themselves.