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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

San Francisco PRIDE 2014

San Francisco PRIDE 2014
Gregangelo & Velocity Circus was honored to be invited as both a sponsor and featured performers at this years PRIDE 2014 VIP celebration beneath the majestic Beaux Arts rotunda of 
San Francisco City Hall.
We took the opportunity to observe the profound progress of the acceptance of gender fluidity and recent same sex civil-freedoms by bringing the rainbow, the LGBTQ (Lesbian/Gay/Bi/Trans/Queer or Questioning) symbol of diversity to life… 
Velocity’s “Ms GG Bridges” welcomes with a rainbow
 Velocity “Fog-City” greeters Portal frames the spot where Gavin Newsom introduced gay marriage to San Francisco
Red, Orange, Yellow, and Green emerge from the rainbow to welcome all

Green sneaking a peak
Whirling dervish representing the truth of nature and equality
The balance of power
The violet/purple/pink spectrum takes the stage with beautiful femininity
Blue sings the Joys
The enthusiastic “Audience” storms the stage and performs a flash mob to the song
“Happy”, a word once interchangeable with “gay”

Gender bending Ruben and Deb filming the festivities
And other Beaux Arts performances in our new gallery here:


Before and After- Gregangelo imagining and designing the Aura and Odyssey installations for SMoCA Gallery 4 
When our senses are set free, unexplainable phenomena occur…
After last year’s sold-out sensation “Night Circus,”  created by Velocity Circus, and cast by our Arizona collaborators, CSA, The Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Arts invited Gregangelo & Velocity/CSA back again to create AURA for their annual high profile fund-raising gala.
Under the intense artistic direction of Gregangelo, the installation took a team of 13 skilled Velocity artists 6 months to complete and 3 days to install. Over 25 performers animated and performed within the installation, bringing the story-book setting to life…

The Aura & Odyssey Ensemble

 The AURA concept was inspired by SMoCA’s exhibition The Five Senses, with special focus on a seminal work included in the show by acclaimed Danish-Icelandic artist Olafur Eliasson  which amplifies the experience of standing amidst water and a beautiful spectrum of fractured light. Gregangelo & Velocity crafted themes for AURA that channel weather, the alchemy of the ephemeral, and the kaleidoscopic wonder conjured by nature’s shifting, changing elements.

Guests were treated to ongoing performances of song, dance, and variety acts throughout the evening.

Winter Songstress
 In addition, this year we added a secondary experience, ODYSSEY, a family and youth day sponsored in part by Gregangelo & Velocity Entertainment and our partners Circus Scool of Arizona , which allowed the museum to be opened for free to a brand new public!
The children’s oracle of the Labyrinth
 Explore the Museum’s fantastic new enchanting realms where each of SMoCA’s galleries had a different colorful and imaginative environment inspired by weather and flora & fauna of the natural world.
Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art invited families to take a magical journey to see the museum completely transformed into a kaleidoscopic wonderland. Prismatic light and special FX projections, animated installations and altered environs took the Museum by storm to create an unforgettable experience…
 Snow storm in the Winter Solstice Installation
Midnight in the Spring equinox garden
 Explore each dazzling room’s unique arts & crafts activities where you might help create glowing fireflies or chase after shifting rainbows!  A spectrum of lively characters, playful acrobats and aerialists, mysterious magicians and spritely creatures welcome you throughout your Odyssey experience.
 The afternoon also featured tasty treats which could be taken directly from the 3D living still life displays which taught the youth of good health and good eating:

Still life with cabbage
Still life with pineapple

Admiring a living statue in the Autumnal gallery

Sunday, January 13, 2013

The Lively Arts and Entertainment Scene in Singapore

A long time ago is someone tried to convince me that the art and entertainment scene Singapore was anything but boring, then I would refuse to believe them and tell them to start drinking stronger coffee. But this was some years ago and definitely Singapore has truly been transformed from a slightly mediocre city of bright lights to a lively arts and entertainment destination with a reputation that resonates all over the region and even Asia Pacific.

Lets talk about arts and heritage. The National Arts Council and some other governing bodies have pulled together their efforts and truly created a Renaissance City from almost nothing. Now, not only do we have the buildings, but we have quality acts, plays and exhibitions to show to the world. The National Museum and Heritage Gallery are some locations that boast Asian and worldwide exhibits taken from the best and the brightest from neighbouring countries. As a tourist attraction the architecture of these places and more is a definite draw, but as a purely spiritual attraction, these museums have outdone themselves with creative, innovative and unique exhibitions and performances, indoor and outdoor that has inspired much laughter, applause and wonder.

Just look at the Esplanade; touted as the 'Theatres on the Bay', there are more than a few hundred plays, recitals and concerts playing within its massive wall and multiple theatres in a year. It plays host to the famous Mosaic festival and some internationally acclaimed and locally produced shows. Ian McAllan graced the 'durians' with his presence in a bestselling performance and rendition of King Lear.

The nightlife and entertainment scene is no slouch either, with more than 300 bars, lounges and clubs all over Singapore. Can you imagine that in an island that is only about 40 miles wide and 32 miles long? How did the entertainment scene manage to pack in that amount of night spots in such a small space? Well it is true and whatever your fancy, whether you want to sit back and sing karaoke, relax at a lounge, sip a beer while listening to a live band or even dance the night away, there is somewhere you can go. Singapore even boasts more than 4 acclaimed local and international microbreweries, with more than 200 different varieties of beers sold in Singapore so far. Festivals and events simply add to this resume, with the recent Oktober Fest capping of the year with one of the biggest and best beer festivals in Asia, boasting a wide variety of beers for sale.

Concerts? Of course! Big names like Eric Clapton, Rob Stewart and pop bands like Green Day and Linkin Park have all graced this island with their voices and there is definitely more to come with giant music festivals like WOMAD set to land on our sandy shores once again! There is no end in sight to how much can be written about the arts and entertainment scene in Singapore, so what are you waiting for? Dive in!.

Dish Network Satellite TV Programming Guide

DISH Network currently offers five programming packages:


The DishFAMILY programming package is DISH Network's lowest priced package. This family-oriented package is $19.95 per month for 40 channels. Some of the channels in this package are:

Animal Planet, Biography Channel, Bloomberg Television, Boomerang, CNN Headline News, Discovery Kids, DIY, Food Network, FOX News Channel, Hallmark, Nickelodeon, Shop at Home, TBN, The Outdoor Channel, The Science Channel, and The Weather Channel.

America's Top 60

The America's Top 60 programming package is DISH Network's entry-level variety package. This package is $29.99 per month for 75 channels. Some of the channels included are:

ABC Family, Arts & Entertainment, CNN, Cartoon Network, CNBC, Comedy Central, Country Music Television, Court TV, Discovery Channel, Disney Channel, E! Entertainment Television, ESPN, Food Network, Healthy Living Channel, The History Channel, Holistic Television Network, Home & Garden Television, The Home Shopping Network, The Learning Channel, Lifetime, Men's Channel, MTV, Nickelodeon, QVC Shopping Network, The Sci-Fi Channel, The Travel Channel, TBS, and TV Games Network.

America's Top 120

The America's Top 120 package is DISH Network's most popular package. This package is *$29.99 per month for 230 channels, and includes all of the America's Top 60 channels plus:

AMC, Animal Planet, BBC America, Black Entertainment Television, Bravo, College Sports Television, Discovery Health, ESPN, FOX News Channel, FOX Sports
Galavison, Game Show Network, Independent Film Channel, MSNBC, NFL Network, Soap Net, The Speed Channel, Sports Alternate, Sports, Telefutura,
Disney, Turner Classic Movies, Women's Entertainment, WGN Superstation, plus 60 Sirius satellite radio channels.

* Note: This DISH Network programming package is $29.99 for the first ten months, then $39.99 thereafter.

America's Top 180

The America's Top 180 package is $39.99 per month for 318 channels, and includes all the America's Top 120 channels plus:

Biography, Bloomberg Television, Boomerang, CNBC World, Discovery Health, Discovery Home, Discovery Kids, Discovery Times Channel, Dish Music - 50's & 60's Hits, Dish Music - 70's, Hits, Dish Music - 80's Hits, Dish Music- All That Jazz, Dish Music - Beach, Party, Dish Music - Classic Soul, Dish Music - Country Music One, Encore, Fine Living, FOX Movie Channel, FOX Reality TV, The Golf Channel, GOL TV, Lifetime Movie Network, The Movie Channel, National Geographic Channel, The Outdoor Channel, VH1, Wisdom Television.

America's Everything Pak

The America's Everything Pak is DISH Network's top-of-the-line package. This package is $74.99 per month for 350 channels, and includes all the channels in the America's Top 180 package plus 31 movie channels from Showtime, Starz!, HBO and Cinemax. You also receive DISH Network HD (high definition) programming.

Additional Dish Network Satellite TV Programming

In addition to the above packages, DISH Network also offers HBO, Cinemax, Showtime, and Starz movie channel packages, plus sports packages, international channels, adult channels, HD TV programming channels, and more than 1,600 pay-per-view programs per month.

Friday, January 4, 2013

Dish Network Has Entertainment Packages for Everyone

Dish Network has a ton of different features that everyone from the casual television viewer to the full fledged HDTV aficionado will appreciate. Of course Dish Network also has options for everyone in between too.

The full full fledged HDTV aficionado will appreciate Dish Network's selection of High Definition Television entertainment packages. Even the entry level one, the Bronze Package, comes with twenty five High Definition channels, which is more than any of Dish Network's competitors can offer. It also comes with eighty standard definition channels. The Silver level has the same twenty five High Definition channels but adds another one hundred and twenty standard definition ones. The Gold Package adds National Geographic HD and another forty standard definition channels. And the Platinum Package adds Starz HDTV, Showtime HD, and HBO HD for a total of twenty nine High Definition channels and two hundred and forty standard definition ones. With a total of two hundred and sixty nine channels the Platinum Level HDTV entertainment package is Dish Network's largest plan.

The casual television viewer who just wants a few channels in order to stay informed and entertained at a fair price will appreciate Dish Family. Dish Family is Dish Network's economy plan which comes with forty channels including C-SPAN, Angel One, Animal Planet, the Hallmark Movie channels, Discovery Kids, and the Food Network.

Programming options for everyone between these two extremes consists of America's Top Entertainment Packages, which include versions with sixty channels, one hundred and twenty channels, and one hundred and eighty channels. These plans include great channels like TeleFutura, The Movie Channels Extra, seven different Encore movie channel, the Independent Film Channel, the FOX Movie Channel, Turner Classic Movies, CNN, Headline News, CNBC and CNBC World, Comedy Central, a slew of Discovery Channels, The Science Channel, The Learning Channel, National Geographic, Nick at Nite and Nickelodeon, Nick Toons, Toon Disney, The Disney Channel, Cartoon Network, Arts & Entertainment, E! Entertainment, Country Music Television, Great American Country, MTV and MTV2, VH1 and VH1 Classic, all of the shopping channels, TNT, USA Network, TBS, TBN, FX, Fuse, and many more.
If you need more than one hundred and eighty channels, consider America's Everything Pak, which has everything form the America's Top Entertainment Packages listed above plus four movie packages. The movie packages from HBO, Showtime, Starz, and Cinemax include channels like Starz Theater, Starz Cinema, Action Max, HBO Signature, Showtime Beyond, and FLIX.

Dish Network also delivers bilingual programing through Dish Latino Packages. Dish Latino Basic has thirty channels of Spanish language programming including TV Chile, HTV, Univision, TV Azteca, mun2, Telehit, TV Espanola Internacional, De Pelicula Clasico, MTV Espanol, Fox Sports Espanol, and more. Dish Latino Dos adds eighty nine channels in English onto the thirty in Spanish. Latino Max has the same thirty Spanish channels plus one hundred thirty English ones. DishNetwork's Latino Everything Pak has the same programming as Dish Latino Max, but with the addition of the same movie packages that top off America's Everything Pak.

Dish Network also has plenty of additional programming to customize any entertainment package. Dish Network's additional programming includes seasonal sports subscriptions like NHL On the Ice, MLB Extra Innings, NBA League Pass, and ESPN Game Day. Regional sports networks are also a great choice for hard core sports fans. DishNetwork also offers more international programming in nineteen languages including Chinese with Great Wall TV, Armenian, Hebrew, French, Italian, Portuguese, German, Korean, Japanese, and Urdu. Local channels can be added to help you keep up with what's going on in your community, and SIRIUS satellite radio is a great choice for talk and music when you're doing something that keeps your eyes off the television screen.

Managing and Funding Performing and Fine Arts Organizations

Performing and fine arts is one of the fastest growing industries, not only in the United States, but throughout the world. The tremendous growth of the music, dance, theater, and symphony industry is demanding staff with effective leadership skills and a good understanding of the arts and entertainment sectors.

Managers of performing and fine arts organizations need to develop strategies to reach out to new audience. To get an edge over their competitors, it is essential to create a loyal base of supporters. Moreover, most of the performing and fine arts shows are organized for raising funds for a good cause. Hence, the organizers are always on the lookout for better ways to collect maximum amount of money from members and new visitors.

An online event management solution is a good alternative for successfully running an event. It is web-based; hence you can access the portal at anytime of the day or night.

The event management service helps a lot in selling the tickets of a single show or multiple ones. Since the tickets are displayed online, any interested person can book them without being physically present. An online ticketing system can thus be utilized to sell maximum tickets within a short span of time.

Event planners can promote their theaters, dance programs, and solo performances easily on Facebook and Twitter. You just need to open an account on these hugely popular social networking websites. After your page gets created, start uploading as much information as you want on these sites for the global audience to view and download relevant data.

The Cloud-based event management platform features modern marketing tools for reaching out to new and existing clients. Online marketing modules, such as Promo Code engine, social media connector, and mobile devices, help you connect and interact with the interested candidates.

The online creation of custom reports minimizes your pen and paper work. You simply open the report page and make different kinds of reports including those on sales, attendance, and others within a few minutes.

The surveying option lets you collect relevant feedback on any dance or music show. Based on the survey results, performing and fine arts managers can rectify the flaws in the current events to make the future events more successful.

The performing and fine arts organizations can also use the web-based fundraising tools to raise maximum funds from diverse sources. These tools simplify the process of submitting donations and pledges, and engage your audience by building your own privately branded online community. The Cloud-based private community management system helps in sharing information with your members and helps you build support for your cause.

Friday, December 7, 2012

Why Social Networking?

Social networking is a form of activity wherein individuals can socially bond to share information -- whether it is personal, or business, and even crafts like music, arts, and entertainment. Social networking also allows hobbies like watching movies, reading books, and playing video games as a source of enjoyment, and even a venue for writers, actors, and even businessmen and entrepreneurs to gather together and contribute techniques and secrets to one another.

This strategy offers individuals to interact through personal dealings among a group of people or an organization, a party, or an occasion. However, the most common practice nowadays is the platform of online services, known as websites or through the internet. Sites such as Facebook, Tweeter, Tumbler, Multiply and Skype are few of the websites that provide personal, professional and social networking for entrepreneurs.

How to be part of it?

To be a member, a website will require interested individuals to provide some information in their profile, personal information such as their birthdays, business or occupation, education, and personal hobbies and interests.

The Benefits of a User

Posting quotations and status is also a way of letting people know the most recent activity of a social network user. Another service of a social networking site is the option to chat online with other users. This is known as instant messaging where multiple users can discuss or talk simultaneously in a forum. Groups in these types of structures are individuals who share a common belief. They can be a social or civic group, a family or even a clan, classmates, companies with the same business interest, or any organization promoting a cause. These websites hold discussion boards for the groups. The primary focus of the networking website is to create interaction among groups in the form of discussions. This medium also allows users to post pictures, video clips, and other tidbits as added information for the groups' perusal. Blogging is an additional aspect of a site to provide a user the means to feature their own opinions, experiences, interests, or just simply informing the other users of what is new and current.

Personal versus Web based Social networking:

There is a vast difference between personal networking and web-based social networking. Personal sites, like meetings, parties, civic works or family gatherings have the unknown feature of social networking. They may be restricted based on their personal social networking connections which limits the full potential of a person in trying to reconnect and locate the whereabouts of old school buddies, long lost relatives, associates, and even friends. Web-based sites, on the other hand, can be easily utilized to contact and connect with the same group of people. Just by using speed and ease of the internet, and by being a member or a user of these sites is one sure way to achieve this. These sites can effectively aid anyone in their search for friends, associates, family members, and other personal matters.

Sharing information, promoting businesses, events, activities, products, crafts, and any other interests and representation one may have, are also the reason in using these web-based sites. Best of all, anyone who needs to connect with someone promptly, the user need only to log- in to their social networking account, send that person a private note or post the message so that other members and users can assist or notify the person concerned. This is in variation to the common personal social networking practice like using the phone, or asking people, wherein this method would surely consume more time and effort.