Wednesday, October 1, 2014

San Francisco PRIDE 2014

San Francisco PRIDE 2014
Gregangelo & Velocity Circus was honored to be invited as both a sponsor and featured performers at this years PRIDE 2014 VIP celebration beneath the majestic Beaux Arts rotunda of 
San Francisco City Hall.
We took the opportunity to observe the profound progress of the acceptance of gender fluidity and recent same sex civil-freedoms by bringing the rainbow, the LGBTQ (Lesbian/Gay/Bi/Trans/Queer or Questioning) symbol of diversity to life… 
Velocity’s “Ms GG Bridges” welcomes with a rainbow
 Velocity “Fog-City” greeters Portal frames the spot where Gavin Newsom introduced gay marriage to San Francisco
Red, Orange, Yellow, and Green emerge from the rainbow to welcome all

Green sneaking a peak
Whirling dervish representing the truth of nature and equality
The balance of power
The violet/purple/pink spectrum takes the stage with beautiful femininity
Blue sings the Joys
The enthusiastic “Audience” storms the stage and performs a flash mob to the song
“Happy”, a word once interchangeable with “gay”

Gender bending Ruben and Deb filming the festivities
And other Beaux Arts performances in our new gallery here:


Before and After- Gregangelo imagining and designing the Aura and Odyssey installations for SMoCA Gallery 4 
When our senses are set free, unexplainable phenomena occur…
After last year’s sold-out sensation “Night Circus,”  created by Velocity Circus, and cast by our Arizona collaborators, CSA, The Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Arts invited Gregangelo & Velocity/CSA back again to create AURA for their annual high profile fund-raising gala.
Under the intense artistic direction of Gregangelo, the installation took a team of 13 skilled Velocity artists 6 months to complete and 3 days to install. Over 25 performers animated and performed within the installation, bringing the story-book setting to life…

The Aura & Odyssey Ensemble

 The AURA concept was inspired by SMoCA’s exhibition The Five Senses, with special focus on a seminal work included in the show by acclaimed Danish-Icelandic artist Olafur Eliasson  which amplifies the experience of standing amidst water and a beautiful spectrum of fractured light. Gregangelo & Velocity crafted themes for AURA that channel weather, the alchemy of the ephemeral, and the kaleidoscopic wonder conjured by nature’s shifting, changing elements.

Guests were treated to ongoing performances of song, dance, and variety acts throughout the evening.

Winter Songstress
 In addition, this year we added a secondary experience, ODYSSEY, a family and youth day sponsored in part by Gregangelo & Velocity Entertainment and our partners Circus Scool of Arizona , which allowed the museum to be opened for free to a brand new public!
The children’s oracle of the Labyrinth
 Explore the Museum’s fantastic new enchanting realms where each of SMoCA’s galleries had a different colorful and imaginative environment inspired by weather and flora & fauna of the natural world.
Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art invited families to take a magical journey to see the museum completely transformed into a kaleidoscopic wonderland. Prismatic light and special FX projections, animated installations and altered environs took the Museum by storm to create an unforgettable experience…
 Snow storm in the Winter Solstice Installation
Midnight in the Spring equinox garden
 Explore each dazzling room’s unique arts & crafts activities where you might help create glowing fireflies or chase after shifting rainbows!  A spectrum of lively characters, playful acrobats and aerialists, mysterious magicians and spritely creatures welcome you throughout your Odyssey experience.
 The afternoon also featured tasty treats which could be taken directly from the 3D living still life displays which taught the youth of good health and good eating:

Still life with cabbage
Still life with pineapple

Admiring a living statue in the Autumnal gallery